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Andrew Cunanan Descends Upon South Beach

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Joshua Path - Vocals, guitars
Matt Geres - Violins
Jeff Erdmann - Cellos

Music and lyrics by Joshua Path
©2015 Mad Mogi Music (BMI)
Produced by Joshua Path and Curt Piar
Recorded and mixed by Curt Piar at Proving Ground Studio
Mastered by Kurt Alexander at Digidoc


There’s a lunatic out on the streets, baby
I don’t think it’s safe for you to go home tonight
Oh I know you don’t want to stay with me, baby
But I think you should at least stay ‘til morning light.

The news is saying he could have left the country
But sightings are coming in just the same
And it feels so good to have you here with me, baby
And I don’t want the morning headlines to scream your name.

You tell me I remind you of your daddy
You tell me how he used to beat you good
Oh I’ve never laid a hand on you baby
But you tell me there’s been times you swore I would.

There’s a lunatic out on the streets, baby
If we keep real still, he’ll leave us alone
And our beings will blend into the darkness
And when he comes inside, he’ll find no one’s home.